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The deepest energy in Taurus, 2nd house or in the Taurus side of Venus, following the principle of instinct and desire, is the survival instinct: what resources we possess to survive — this survival requirement whatever it takes to survive your life will correlate with your sense of value, what your value system is and what your sense of meaning is in life. He did this through watching others and also through experiencing his own crisis as he was separated from his wife and family, and finally, when the manuscript of his book which he had hidden on his person was discovered and destroyed — a crisis that nearly broke his spirit, and therefore nearly cost his life as he was to witness tragically with so many others as he continually saw the relationship of losing that which was most precious or valued to them, correspond to their demise.

This sense of meaning or value will obviously have relationship to the belief structures a person holds, to their philosophy or religion — in Taurus is the root of the value we place on our needs and our felt sense of meaning in our life. The felt sense of our sexuality and desire is found in Taurus just as our outgoing desire began in Aries.

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So wherever Taurus is in our chart, whatever sign occupies the 2nd house cusp, wherever Venus is, in combination, will serve as revealing the nature of our personal values, the sense of personal meaning. This is a self-sustaining, self-preservation instinct to promote the sustainability of our own life. The inconjunct to Libra the other side of Venus shows the crisis that comes as we realize that we may not possess everything that we require to sustain ourselves and therefore may need others.

In this inconjunction we see the force of projected needs, what others hold of value for us — Venus being self-value or need via the Taurus archetype and the values that others hold via its rulership of Libra. Inherently within Venus is a cycle, for periods people project too many of their needs on to others, creating co-dependency that through the inconjunct aspect between Taurus and Libra will necessarily promote a psychological crisis of meaning as the projected needs fail to be met at the level they were projected.


This can lead to disillusionment inconjunct reinforcing then the experience and necessity of self-sustenance found in the Taurus archetype. Of course this experience can also work the other way around, excessive isolation inhibiting the growth as much as excessive projection. Here we have comfort, familiarity, and stubborn security. Scorpio, an archetype in polarity opposition to Taurus includes the dynamic of confrontation, in this sense confrontation is the necessary counteraction to the rigidity possible in Taurus — to force the frog from the well.

The 8th house the sign on it, planets within, ruler of cusp…etc counterpoint comes through the kinds of sexual experiences the soul creates for itself, draws to itself in order to grow beyond the prior limitations. For example a man has Aries on the 2nd house cusp, Mars in the 2nd house, Moon in Pisces.

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On a sexual level he desires to be number one Aries yet through the Moon in Pisces he is incredibly sensitive. In a society which values male machismo and performance it is possible such a man would feel under pressure, a classic cause of premature ejaculation. Yet Libra on the 8th demands that this be shared, that the problem be communicated, and by putting this out there so to speak attracting a woman who can help him slow down, who can teach him another Taurus lesson, that of patience. In contrast to much of our cultural conditioning — that promotes and fosters dependence — we can, in searching out the implications of Taurus, the 2nd house and the inner side of Venus, discover the inherent resources that we were born with in order to promote self-reliance.

In identifying the natural resources as an Astrologer we can then validate them and they can be supported. In order to create an intellectual system of organization that allows us logically to order phenomenal reality. With the quality of a Yang archetype and the nature of air we once again have energy moving outwards from the center, post Taurus, consciousness needs to re-expand. This allows the possibility of communication, both within ourselves our internal thought processes and to others. The desire here is to know as much as possible. There is no inherent limit in and of itself to Gemini; it is like a series of progressively expanding concentric circles.

Related to this is the linking of opinions to Gemini — these do not necessarily correlate with truth. The phenomena of interpretation is essentially Sagittarian, yet it operates within the law of polarity: so in Sagittarius we have the right-brain and in Gemini the left-brain. The right brain is non-linear and inductive it intuits, it knows whereas the left-brain is logical and deductive: a, b, c… So in Aboriginal culture we are conditioned to develop and live in the right-brain, in western cultures we live most predominantly in our left-brains.

Many of us are caught somewhere imbetween — polarized, experiencing, rather like a two way switch, phases of one then the other. Whatever sign you have on the 3rd house, the location of its planetary ruler house, sign, aspects , wherever you find Mercury, Gemini or Virgo, all of this correlates with the nature of your thinking. Both how you think and then how you communicate about how you think. You need a mental structure to understand the evolutionary reasons for your existence 3rd house from which to communicate your fundamental sense of values 2nd house stemming originally from my desires, Ascendant — through Pluto, the Soul.

Anatomically speaking the function of hearing on a nerve level relates to Mercury, however on a psychological level, how and what we listen to, corresponds to Venus. This is a very important point, I may not hear what you said with the exact same intention you had when saying it, I think that most of us can own having had that experience in our close relationships!

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If you have Mercury retrograde there will be a need to simplify and internalize the thought processes with regard to a series of prior lives where lack of discrimination with regard to the type of information taken on board has been a dynamic in operation. The resultant need is to return the intellectual mind to only the information that is pertinent towards evolutionary growth right now.

Thereby eliminating curiosity, knowledge for its own sake. To return to the Mercury retrograde it can be a common experience for a person with such a placement not to learn as quickly as others in their school, because they are naturally tuning out to anything that has no use to them, they have no memory for anything else. An evolutionary necessity but also a possible cause of stigma within the conditioning principles and values of our culture.

With Mercury retrograde the consciousness is trying to orientate towards the right-brain instead of the left.

In general the retrograde symbol conveys a sense of need to return to the past in order to resolve what was left incomplete there. Usually something is unfinished or lacks resolution from a prior life and needs to be re-experienced and re-integrated. So with Venus retrograde a person needs to repeat key relationships with people wherein something has remain unresolved in the dynamics that brought those people together in the first place.

With Venus retrograde the individual will most likely reject the values of the society into which they are born, in this manner retrogradation can further the intention of individuation, for defining oneself as apart from the consensus.

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The retrograde function is an internalizing one; a Venus retrograde is learning therefore to develop an active relationship to themselves, standing as a group of one if necessary. If you have a planet that is retrograde and in aspect to a non-retrograde planet this can lead to a form of oblique retrograde influence, less pronounced but effective with regard to the archetype being activated by the retrograde contact — i.

There are many more signatures that necessitate the repeating or reliving of the past other than a planet being retrograde — for example a planet that is squaring the nodal axis, a planet on the South Node, retrogradation through transit or progression. Cancer Cancer is Yin, Cardinal and Water and now correlates with the return of energy towards the center. Cancer, in Evolutionary Astrology, specifically correlates with what we might call the ego, the subjective awareness of consciousness.

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A necessary integrating function, you cannot get rid of your ego, you may be able to integrate this subjective awareness into a much bigger field through awareness, meditation or grace, but the ego is a necessary function of consciousness — rather like the lens of a movie projector the ego creates a distinct self-image through which to focus the experience of reality the film.

As Jeff said, Christ, Buddha all had egos or they would not have been able to say their names, they would have just be a diffuse awareness! In Evolutionary Astrology the intention is not to remove the ego but to re-identify it. Most people on earth, following the original separation in Aries, identify just with the separated sense of themselves — relative to the square from Cancer to Libra this can generate extremes that with the square to Aries emphasizes the fear reaction to the original trauma of separation.

The binary system of Pluto explains in itself the necessary relationship between soul and ego; Pluto has another planet, half its size, rotating around it. In Evolutionary Astrology the soul creates the ego to aid in its experience of itself. Cancer, the 4th house and the Moon give personal form, name and identity to the individual. From the 4th house cusp, the Moon house, sign, aspects and the position of Cancer in the chart we can determine the relative strength and nature of the ego of an individual.

This is essential for understanding how a person works within any given culture - are they a strong or weak ego, if weak is there a potential for masochism or victimization, if a strong one can they really live up to their own self- image, are there hidden issues…? All relevant therapeutic issues for the individual. Another point is that how you see yourself inside does not necessarily correlate with how others see you — for example to return to the Scorpio Ascendant example, naturally radiating intensity, but put a Pisces Moon there and this person may experience themselves as timid and shy — this was of course the case with Jeff Green who had these placements, most people were literally blown away by him and yet he had to wear dark glasses when discussing the sexual archetypes work because he could barely look anyone in the eye!

Cancer, the Moon and the 4th house cusp also correlate with the experience of our early home-life, our parental experience. As a child we are open, defenceless, and we osmose and internalize the impact of the early home-life very strongly. These imprints have a tendency to unconsciously dominate huge parts of our experience as any therapist, or person who has undergone extensive therapy, will usually attest.

The Cardinal archetype, as we have already touched on, is one filled with an inherent insecurity. Here with Cancer unresolved or difficult early imprinting experiences may lead to displaced emotions later in life as the difficulties of the childhood experience resurface and seek to find release. The Moon corresponds to emotions, feelings correspond to Venus — feelings are the immediate reactions to an existing stimulus, and emotions are a reaction to those feelings. The natural square between Cancer and Libra.

Someone maybe has Venus in Libra and Moon in Scorpio, their partner starts to go out frequently with some one else, and maybe something is going on…?

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The ultimate teaching of Cancer through the water signs, culminating in Pisces is to realize that the security we are all seeking is not external to ourselves. Cancer, through Scorpio will produce emotional shocks in order to produce the realization Pisces that external security is ultimately an illusion. So Cancer as an archetype has a relationship to what we call security, so for example with Cancer on the 9th house cusp our belief systems may hold security for us.

Here we have a situation that links the Cancer lesson to learning to parent and nurture ourselves, just as we have an inner child, we also have an inner mother, and whilst these archetypal presences are shaped by our actual parental experiences they are not necessarily the same thing — whilst we might not be able to change our actual experience of childhood the archetypes themselves can be reached and evolved by, and through, our own capacity to take responsibility for our own nurture and security needs.

Leo With Leo we have a Fire, Fixed and Yang archetype — energy is once more moving outwards from the center. This now moves into the fundamental creative actualization of the self. The 4th house created the self-image knowing yourself within on the subjective personality level, following Gemini, Taurus, Aries with the 5th house, Leo; it is time to actualize the identity. The Sun is the principle force of integration in the chart — without a Sun there is no solar system, the Sun is the center — so the Sun in Astrology shows how we are integrating and giving purpose to our life, how we creatively actualize that purpose.

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We all go through crises in life, this is the function of the Virgo archetype but how we integrate those crises relates to the Sun and Leo. If the Sun is in Sagittarius this may be a philosophical process, in Scorpio a psychological one. Negatively this could show delusions of grandeur. In order to rightfully express Leo and the Sun we must bear in mind its polarity Aquarius — what does the larger social system need from me? Aquarius correlates with objective awareness of consciousness and Leo to the flowering of subjectivity.

Meaning and purpose of the current life can be found through the Sun, the house and sign that it is in, the aspects that it is making, where we find Leo, the 5th house cusp. If the Aquarian polarity is embraced then the social system will embrace this meaning and purpose, if not then isolation from the larger social sphere may be a result. This can create a tremendous degree of frustration, the starving artist syndrome, and some one like Van Gogh with tremendous creativity at their disposal may be still essentially isolated.